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Reporter Signs Up to Buy Pot

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 09:50
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Agence Press reporter Katell Abiven has signed up to receive marijuana from Uruguay's pharmacies.

I was one of 568 people who signed up on the first day, according to the Cannabis Control and Regulation Institute. By June 4, there were 3, 853 of us. That is on top of the 6,811 already registered as home-growers, and the 59 official smokers' clubs.

At the post office was a picture of marijuana. You cannot sell marijuana over the mail in Uruguay but you will soon be able to buy it from the chemist here.

She signed up to become a buyer of legal state-vetted pot, by signing onto a national cannabis register. Signing up for register was very quick. She compared it to buying a stamp.

The register began on May 2 and will start to be sold in pharmacies in July. You can get 10 grams a week for $1.30 a gram. Officials hope that soon the number of pharmacies will grow to 30.

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