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Young People Feed Homeless

About 500 young people regularly feed the homeless in Uruguay. 16 groups from various places give about 1900 meals to the homeless. They cook in the afternoon and distribute in the evening.

One group is called the Luceros Movement, over 100 volunteers who get together twice an week to make and distribute more than 100 meals.


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Expat Meeting in Restaurant Touring every Saturday at 4 pm

Hello everybody, we are happy to continue the expat meeting in Montevideo and look forward to seeing you again on Saturday. People come for contacts, company and information about the city. The restaurant in Area Cordon is in front of a beautiful park with benches. This meeting is the continuation of what Mr. Glen Roberts Lee began in 2005. The

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Uruguay Wine Tasting in Late June

Uruguay produces less wine than Japan, but it is a most fascinating wine country.

Uruguay is progressive. It has basically legalized marijuana and is starting to offer traceability when it comes to wine.

By 2018 wine will have a QR code that, when scanned , reveals everything important about the wine, especially Tannat which is Uruguay's

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Uruguay Helps Local Tourism

Pueblo Tourist Prize gives 1 million-plus pesos to local development projects.

Technicians from the Ministry of Tourism give regional informative workshops offering 1 million pesos or more to regions with 5,000 or more inhabitants.

"It is important that the portfolio accompanies the initiatives that, in many cases, mean the first


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Shall we start the meeting again?

Give me your opinion on restarting the weekly meeting just like before. We stopped it because others were trying to do the same thing, but now those people are out of business. We want to continue a beautiful meeting, where everyone is happy and relaxed and have had up to 50 people in a single meeting. We help many people as well if they need

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New Marijuana Museum Opens Up in Uruguay

CTV tells us a cannabis museum is opening in "pot-friendly Uruguay."

Actually the museum has already opened to commemorate pot and also Uruguay's position as a leader, worldwide, when it comes to marijuana legalization.

The museum in central Montevideo will help people learn more about one of the world's oldest crops, according to its

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Citrus in Uruguay Sweetened by 14 Percent Gain

Citrus exports in Uruguay have moved up nearly 14 percent over the past year, according to government officials. The total citrus market in Uruguay grew by some four percent in 2016.

The director of agricultural services, Federico Montes, said Uruguay exported 108,900 tons versus only 95.500 tons in 2015.

The European Union (EU) is

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Come Take a Tour of Tannat Wine Country With Soni

Huffington Post has written an article about Uruguay's Tannat wines entitled, "Well Feminized Masculine Wines."

The wines in question were sampled at Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein's "massively successful" Taste of Tannat Tour at the Hotel Mondrian "on the still fabulous Sunset Strip."

Mr. Goldstein introduced us to a formidable

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Small Uruguay Gets a Big Write Up for Its Many Charms

Small Uruguay Gets a Big Write Up for Its Many Charms has written an article entitled "Tiny Uruguay Offers Lots to See."

The article begins by saying that despite its small size, there's lots to do in Uruguay.

The article also says that Uruguay is hidden by big Argentina and bigger Brazil, since it is wedged between them,


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The expat Meeting in Uruguay

The best expat meeting in Montevideo!! Thanks to all my


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