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In Uruguay's marijuana experiment, the government is your pot dealer

That's exactly what most country should do. At least the government controlled it to not become a substance abuse, although the benefit of it could go beyond what we already know so far.

In other words, this could reduce black market that control illegal substance on the field. On the other hand, the culture is different than in the US,


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Holistic Dentist in Montevideo?

Hi! I have searched the forum and already found valuable recommendations for English speaking dentists on which I might followed up. I would just like to ask whether anyone knows a holistic / alternative dentist working here, ie someone knowing about the interrelation between the teeth and the rest of the body, and particularly someone choosing

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Good doctor reference please!

Hi to everybody.

My family and I are about to change scenery, to Uruguay! We had a change of plans and are a little pressed for time now. My daughter is pregnant, and at first we wanted to wait after the birth, but decided against that. We would like to move to Montevideo end of August, and we have to find a good hospital for the birth. We

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Expats satisfied with their doctor: study

What a silly kind of study. The issue is whether one can find a doctor they are satisfied with.

I am not a fan of seeing a Doctor. However, a while back, my thyroid was a bit too big for comfort. I was in Uruguay at the time.

The first exam was at the British Hospital (I was not a member, and was not able to become a member at that time


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Follow Up to R. Carlson

R. Carlson: You hit the nail on the head! No, I do not like Obamacare and I don't like to see my country moving towards Socialism. If you are not an American then you probably are not aware that the leaders of the Congressional House and Senate lied to the American people. The president lied to the American people about Obamacare! You can keep

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Does anyone know of a good periodontist that speaks at least some English? All replies would be greatly

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Whatever you desire in Uruguay

I have a friendly Concierge service especially experienced in private services for people investigating business opportunities, and possible relocation for retirement or employment in Uruguay. We offer full service for those who want to live in Uruguay, or for those who are interested in just having a good time.

Let us help you with


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Uruguay to Be Honored for Diminishing Maternal Deaths

Healthcare Innovation reports that "Senegal, Philippines, Uruguay honoured for reproductive health initiatives."

The UN and world leaders are very worried about too many people in the world. Since all the people in the world can fit into a very small area - or so I've read - this worry may be exaggerated. But it does allow institutions to offer

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Cannabis: The Good and the Bad

Vanderbilt tells us, "Uruguayans skeptical as government takes control of marijuana market."

Are people in Uruguay positive about legalizing cannabis? Not according to a survey by the Latin American Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University.

Law 19.172, passed in December 2013, made the small Latin American country the
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Missing Title 1420765526

I've heard that there are issues with bringing in herbal supplements/vitamins. Do I need a doctor's prescription to bring in things like Calcium/magnesium, Vit D3, etc. Please advise. Thank
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