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H&M to Add to Clothing Lines With Stores in Uruguay

Uruguay will be the sixth market in Latin America for H & M.

The Swedish brand H&M, is famous for up-to-date but moderately prices clothing in more than 60 countries is now going to open in Uruguay.

It currently has 4300 stores. New stores will open in 2018. The company's website says the brands "are united by a passion for fashion and

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I Will Find Beautiful Antiques and Porcelain For You. I Know Where to Look!

Hello, I am Sonia and have been helping expats for many years. If you need beautiful things for your apartment, I can find them for little money at second hand stores. Furniture or vases or special porcelain pieces, plates and glasses. I know where to go to find the best quality at the lowest prices. Call me at 099-658-249. I can help


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Mercado Agricola de Montevideo

Very creative use of old pallets, converted to public benches. Mercado Agricola de Montevideo, in the Goes


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Groupon Closes in Uruguay

Yesterday, was Groupon's last day in Uruguay. They will be offering no more offers on their site. However, any coupons held by customers in Uruguay will be valid through their expiration date.

Their Uruguayan phone number will remain in service through the end of November,


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How to get a sofa delivered in Montevideo

So, you rented (or bought) an apartment in Montevideo. It's not on the first floor and the sofa you bought won't fit in the elevator or make it up the stairs.

The solution is easy, and likely excepted by the delivery personnel. They'll wrap it up, tie some ropes around it and pull it up! No


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We are moving and selling things fast, including: 2 great bikes, a new SONY TV,
exercise bike, a new white "trundle" bed, a king size bed, a new skateboard, gas heater, fan, kitchen items, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, stove/oven,
champagne glasses, blender, toaster etc. etc. If you are interested, you can write me, or

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Car for Sale

2014 Nissan March,1.6 Liter 4 cylinder, 16,000 Km on odometer, 5 speed manual transmission, one owner, purchased 9 months ago new from Nissan dealer, with 2 years and 3 months left on bumper to bumper factory warranty. Purchased for 21,000 US, selling for $17,500. We are relocating from Punta del Este to Ecuador and must sell. Serious inquiries


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Whatever you desire in Uruguay

I have a friendly Concierge service especially experienced in private services for people investigating business opportunities, and possible relocation for retirement or employment in Uruguay. We offer full service for those who want to live in Uruguay, or for those who are interested in just having a good time.

Let us help you with


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Has anyone actually compared these various services
to find out which is cheaper?

I am not interested in anything I have to pay a monthly fee

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Laptop repair Montevideo?

Any suggestions for shops that replace cracked laptop screens in
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