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Small Uruguay Gets a Big Write Up for Its Many Charms

Small Uruguay Gets a Big Write Up for Its Many Charms has written an article entitled "Tiny Uruguay Offers Lots to See."

The article begins by saying that despite its small size, there's lots to do in Uruguay.

The article also says that Uruguay is hidden by big Argentina and bigger Brazil, since it is wedged between them,


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More Saudis, GCC nationals expected to seek residency in Uruguay over time

This is something new. Looks like Uruguay would be more open to the middle eastern country in the next couple of years.

I think whenever you move to your new place where customs and traditions are completely different, do not try to push on your believes. Mingle and socialize with people. The grassroots is the place where you get your


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Uruguay Offers Solution to Hunger Striker

AP tells us that Uruguay's government on Tuesday said it is willing to transport the family of a hunger striker to see him.

The hunger striker is Syrian native Abu Wa'el Dhiab, and he was imprisoned by the Americans in Guantanamo. He came to Uruguay with five other prisoners in 2014 but has been demanding to leave Uruguay.

Dhiab would

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The expat Meeting in Uruguay

The best expat meeting in Montevideo!! Thanks to all my


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Zippie - 49268801

Commentary on Dilma's Impeachment - And More Discussion to Come at Sunday's Expat Meeting

Telesur reports that former president Jose Mujica believes that Dilma Rousseff's impeachment and removal as president of Brazil was "a coup." He claims "deposed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was ousted because she did not yield to pressure from

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settling down in Uruguay

I will like to settle down in Uruguay, I'm fluent in English, can i get a job in

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Migration Map

This is a very interesting interactive map showing migrations around the world. Click on any country and set "IN" and it will tell you where the immigrants to that country have come from (by hovering over any other country). Set it to "OUT" and will show where the citizens of that country have migrated to. About 2% of the people in Uruguay are


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Hello, It's me, Sonia. I have much to tell you!

Hello, This is Sonia Duarte. My friends, I am happy to contact you again because it is summer time in Montevideo and I want to help you enjoy the season and the weather. I have many new services to offer including rooms in a beautiful house in the middle of Montevideo and bicycles for you to ride and rent. I have sightseeing tours, ways to get

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New streamlined entry @ airport

This may not be news to some but I have not seen any posts about it before.

When I arrived in Uruguay a few days ago (unlike in the past), I was not given any immigration and/or custom forms to fill out. I just presented my passport and stuck my thumb in their finger print reader and was on my way in 20 seconds. The long lines after a flight

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hallo to all,

having inspected a lot of posts, but didn't find answers to my specific questions. maybe there will be somebody that can help.

1. is it possible -and economically interesting- for elder persons (> 60) to make a contract for private health insurance ? minimum costs per month possible to specify ?

2. is internet banking a

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