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Israeli Hardware Powers $20m Surveillance Center in Uruguay

And now, most everything that you do at Punta del Este will be monitored and recorded by big brothers.

Make you wonder whether you are saver this way or more and more violations of privacy is being implemented throughout the world by the


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Elbit wins $19 million contract for surveillance system in Uruguay

So, from now on, every time you walk around Punta del Este or Maldonado areas, big brother will be watching your move every second.

Where is privacy in this world? Where is a basic human rights issue that respect each human being from doing whatever they can without anyone watching.

Human is still far away from becoming into a respectable


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Hi, I am an English native living in Punta del Este and am teaching YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH.

Tuesday and Thursday at 9.45h
in El Claro (Isabel de Castilla y Paso de la Cadena, Punta del Este)

[URL deleted]/

[URL deleted]/[deleted]

For more info:

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Punta del Este: Clean and Healthy Beach

Here Maldonando is bragging about Clean and Healthy Beaches. I never spent enough time in Punta del Este to judge whether the beaches are kept clean.

However, much of my time in Montevideo was with a (river) beach view. The beaches in Pocitos were regularly cleaned by tractor early in the


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Seafood in Uruguay

Seafood isn't too popular in Uruguay... however, I got this shot of some fresh wonders of the ocean being sold in Punta del


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Uruguay Cruises Toward Bigger Business

FE reports, "Uruguay bets on cruise business to drive tourism."

Cruising is big business in Uruguay. As the article points out, some US $40 million is generated annually via cruise line arrivals.

And something like 400,000 tourists stop by Uruguay on cruise ships, though not all of them go ashore.

But the article explains Uruguay wants an

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