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Uruguay Generates 100% of Energy from Renewable Sources to Start Week

While most of the media hype talking about how the western world are pushing renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint and reduce dependency on fossil fuel, people should not forget that smaller country like Uruguay already successful implementing a full 100% renewable energy in their country.

This is the second country in the world, other


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Uruguay Opens Latin America's First Sustainable School

Great move by Uruguay. Hope this school survives. Once it works, they can build another one deep in the rural areas where typical school are unavailable.

Why Uruguay? There are lots of country with plenty of sunshine in Central America. Maybe the law in Uruguay is more relaxed compare to others country, consider that the solar panel is


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Acquired taste

As immigrants to Uruguay trying to integrate and enjoy life, what are those typical Uruguayan things ("uruguayeces") that are just not to like? No matter how much you try, you must have grown with them to acquire the taste. Some things are easy to "get": Candombe, tango, asado, football, beach going, taking it easy... but others, they have to

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Home site(s) in the hill country, 233 acres

Have you heard about this 233-acre property above Minas, called Sierra Lorencita? For the price of an average home in many parts of the western world, you can have a lot of land that seems to be in a "sweet spot". Roughly in the geographic center between Montevideo, Punta del Este, the Atlantic beaches and the middle of nowhere.

The other


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No Windy Words: Power Is on the Move in Uruguay

ReCharge tells us, "Nordex gets 142 MW turbine deal for Uruguay wind farm."

Uruguay is pursuing wind power in a big way. This article tells us that "German manufacturer Nordex is boosting its business in Uruguay with a turbine order for the 142 MW Pampa wind farm from state-owned power company UTE."

That's a lot of turbines. And hopefully

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Successful Off Grid Input Wanted

I would love to hear from someone who has successfully been off grid in UY for at least a year or two. Would love to meet and see what works for them in a face to face meeting last week of May. Many Thanks from a father of four who is looking to find a new country and embrace its challenges as "home".
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diatomaceaous earth

Hello, I've been having some trouble with ants eating my garden, does anyone have any effective suggestions? I've been reading some great things about diatomaceaous earth, but have not been able to find any except on Mercado Libre and that is extremely expensive. 100grams for 80
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Moving with seeds

By any chance, is there any issue in shipping seeds overseas or carrying them in a suitcase? This question may sound silly but I feel like you can never be too sure with the
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Video: Uruguay to be the Home of the World's Cheapest Solar Energy

"Uruguay cheap"

Uruguay to be the Home of the World's Cheapest Solar Energy from The Daily Energy Report. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Daily Energy Report on B....


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Tilapia Aquaculture in Uruguay

Has anyone done this as I am trying to figure out away to grow fish? I know the winters can be cold there, so I am wondering if another type of fish would be
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