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Harvard Continues to Shed Assets

Harvard University has put its Uruguay timberland on the market. It is worth somewhere in the area of $120 million. The college want to boost the performance of its investments by unloading some resources.

According to Pension and Investment Age, "the timberland includes about 20,000 hectares (49,421 acres) of eucalyptus tree farms ...

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Uruguay's 2022 Peso Bonds Rated 'BBB-'

Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'BBB-' rating to Uruguay's UYU35.3 billion in notes (equivalent to USD1.25 billion), maturing June 20, 2022.
This issuance represents a step in the sovereign's strategy of deepening and diversifying its local-currency funding options.

The notes are denominated in Uruguayan pesos and payable in US. dollars,

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What Sonia can do

Dear People,

My name is Sonia Duarte and I have lived in Uruguay all my life and can help you with almost any problem you have sightseeing in Uruguay or staying here for a longer time.

I host a meeting on Saturday at 16:00 at Restaurant Touring. First, go to the corner in front of the Plaza de los 33 Orientales. There you will find


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Good doctor reference please!

Hi to everybody.

My family and I are about to change scenery, to Uruguay! We had a change of plans and are a little pressed for time now. My daughter is pregnant, and at first we wanted to wait after the birth, but decided against that. We would like to move to Montevideo end of August, and we have to find a good hospital for the birth. We

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HEADLINE: As Uruguay Beef Becomes Popular Around the World, Come Celebrate at Our Fellini Expat Meeting on Sunday

Both Brazil and Uruguay are now exporting more beef to China than Australia - and that's no surprise because Uruguay has great fresh produce, vegetables and beef.

On Sunday at Fellini's at 1 PM, expats will have the opportunity to discover wonderful beef and other fresh produce at our weekly Expat Meeting. (See more below.)

Uruguay beef


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The Green Bar Is Wonderful and Affordable Expat Meeting Place

I want to remind you to visit the Green Bar for our Expat group meetings. We meet on TUESDAY at 1 PM. Our other meeting is at Fellini on Sunday, also at 1 PM.

In Spanish Green Bar is "Verde Bar." It is a truly wonderful and inexpensive restaurant. The soufflé, beef and other dishes are very inexpensive and tasty. You can read about the


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What Do You Love About Uruguay?

What Do You Love About Uruguay?Uruguay is probably one of the most popular countries in South America for expats. It's become the melting pot of the south in the last few decades.

Do you live in Uruguay?


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Futbol in Uruguay

If you had happened to be hanging out at the Asunción, Paraguay airport today a little after noon, you would had the opportunity to meet the Uruguayan fútbol team on their way home.


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Economic and Lifestyle Considerations when Moving to Uruguay

Economic and Lifestyle Considerations when Moving to Uruguay

Please share your thoughts about lifestyle and economics in Uruguay. What you are looking for, how you will support yourself and your budget. Please note that the average of the budget responses will be displayed. The figures you enter will


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Reasons for Moving to Uruguay

Reasons for Moving to UruguayPlease share your reasons for considering a move to Uruguay (or why you already moved). It will also help everyone considering a move to if you include your a short story or your thoughts about the process.

What are the most


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